Friday, August 5, 2011

Hybrid Friday: Cupcakes Anyone?

Hi everyone, Laina here! 

First and foremost, I'd like to remind everyone that there is 1 week left to enter our first blog challenge! We've already seen some gorgeous layouts so far. Submit your layout and enter to win a $5 danimoy designs coupon!!

Click here to find out more about the blog challenge.  

Now, on to this week's hybrid post! Cupcakes :)  I decided to make cupcake wrappers and toppers using Bahama Mama  

First, here's what you'll need:
Cupcakes (homemade or store bought)
Color Printer (with color ink)
Glue (optional) 

I designed the toppers as follows: I first created a 2 inch circle and created a slightly smaller inner circle. I then placed the circle frame around the inner circle and finally placed an element in the middle. You can see I alternated the elements in the center to create 3 distinct toppers. I added shadows and here's what I came up with: 

I changed the element in the center to create 2 alternate cupcake toppers. I then placed 12 cupcake toppers on a 8.5x11 sized document and printed them out. You can see the document below: 

I used a template to make the wrappers. I clipped the orange and pink papers to each wrapper. Then, with both cupcake wrappers placed on a 8.5x11 sized document I simply printed and cut them out.  

Finally, I assembled the toppers and wrappers. I taped 1 toothpick on the back of each topper and glued the edges of the wrappers together. Here's the final decorated cupcakes! 

Thanks for looking!! 


sailwemust said...

Oh my goodness Laina, so cute! Great job. Very creative.

Marif said...

Super cute Laina, I love the idea!!