Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tip of the Week: Recipe Fun

So, how many of us have a "Recipe" Bookmark on our computer with tons of awesome recipes we either want to try or have found to be a hit with our families? *raising my hand* And how many of us have scribbled recipe cards where the ink is fading and it's getting difficult to distinguish between the Tsp and the Tbsp? (big difference, by the way) *raising my hand* Well, the tip today is to do something about it!

Use your copy and paste miracle or bite the bullet and type the thing out... but get those family and new recipes onto your hard drive and spitting out of your printer! And if you really want to be impressive, grab your camera after you create your culinary masterpiece (ie... mac 'n cheese) and snap a picture of it for the recipe card. Because as scrapper, none of us will be satisfied with a simple word document.

Oh no! It must be pretty :)... and I have a great tool to get you started. DaniMoy has these great Recipe Templates for sale. They are perfect to start the ball rolling. Or create your own templates. But having a few simple templates to work from will help you when you are ready to sit down and document the recipe.

Then find a great Cooking Kit (or two) to use so the card, or page will be pretty. Dani has one of those, too, called Cook With Me. How convenient, hehe...

Remember that DaniMoy's ENTIRE store at Scrapbook Bytes, Scrapbooks Gone Digital, and Gotta Pixel are on sale now for 40% off until 8/15. Now is the time!

So, here's what I came up with for my first "pretty" recipe page using Dani's template and Cook With Me kit. I plan to add to this book as I go until it is brimming with my yummies. Oh, and when Gift Time rolls around, how cool would it be to print these off for a friend or family member. Special, lovely and relatively easy!

Go for it, Ladies... I'd love for you to link us up to show off what you come up with, or share any other Recipe tips you have. I just love comments :)... I'll see you next week.

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