Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365 - Day 30

This is what my Sunday Night looks like.... Working and watching Criminal Minds. This is what most of my Sunday nights look like lol.. except I watch whatever I can find on.

All Star

I'm back to doing requests from my ct girls! I had a request for a sports kit and I thought it would be fun if I included several sports instead of just 1. I came up with All Star which includes: Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, and Football. The kit is on sale this week for $3 and the templates for $2.

CU Goodies!
I have some new CU goodies for you as well! Both are on sale for $2.50 this week!


Freebie Time!!
And Here's this weeks freebie from my CT Girls!
(image is linked to download)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project 365 - Day 28 & 29

I forgot to post yesterday again! Woops! Here's Dylan goofing around he has an anchor on the butt of his pants! Lol

Today Alex and I went to our friend's wedding. I just had to use that picture for my 365 today! So here's Nick and Amber during their vows!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Project 365 - Day 27

Dylan was wearing his monkey pj's and playing with his giggle monkey that Papa Dave got him tonight and having a good time!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Project 365 - Day 26

I turned on Yo Gaba Gaba for Dylan and Scarlett and they both stopped in their tracks to watch lol.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 365 - Day 25

Dylan fell asleep tonight watching tv with daddy.

SBB Birthday and a New kit!

Another Moment
If you follow my blog you know I'm doing project 365 this year. So I had to make a 365 kit to use in my album and I knew it had to be BIG as I want to use the same kit for the whole album! So I give you my Another Moment Collection! You can get the whole collection for just $8 or you can snag the pieces separately!

Today is the last day for SBB's Birthday Sale! You can snag my designs for 30% off! Hurry on over and scoop em up!

There is also a HUGE collab at SBB that I contributed to for the birthday celebration! You can get Posh Party free with a $10 purchase at any of the Participating Designers stores. (check out SBB for the details!)

Also not sure if you have seen yet but you can get my kit Happy Camper free with a $5 purchase at SGD head on over there to check out the details!

Freebie Time!!
This week's freebie is part of the Posh Party Challenges over at SBB I made this template for the "Twice is Gr8" Template Challenge so head on over there to snag it and while your at it do the template challenge! If you do just 1 of my challenges for the birthday celebration you will get a $2 off a $5 purchase coupon if you do both of them you will get a $2 off coupon with no minimum purchase!! So hurry over now because all challenges are due by Midnight EST tonight! The other challenge I'm hosting is the Recipie Challenge.
(image is linked to download)

Have a great week! Next week I will have something for all of you sports fans out there!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 365 - Day 23 & 24

I had too many things to do yesterday and didn't get a chance to post my photo! But I did take it. It was a bit blurry so i played around with it in photo shop and now I love it! Here's Gavin and Dylan with their monkey's aunt MarryAnn & Uncle Troy sent them! Dylan also has on his fuzzy bear snow suit on from them as well!
And here's sick Gavin today with his monkey.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 365 - Day 22

He's still in the same spot!! At least he changed his clothes lol. He does have a little bit of rosy cheeks poor kid doesn't feel good :(

Friday, January 21, 2011

Project 365 - Day 21

Gavin was home today so I have 2 pics for today to show how our morning was! 1st we have Gavin on the lounge playing games on his laptop.
Then we have Dylan napping in his bouncy chair with Scarlett's pink blanky under him!

What a day for freebies in the mail!

I went out to grab the mail and the fed ex guy pulled up with my 31 skirt purse! And then latter the UPS guy showed up with my Coffee Mate Party Box!!

I got the game Party for the Coffee Mate Party! Here's what I got Cranium, a Poker Kit, a bunch of instant coffee packs, a bunch of powder creamer packs, 2 Coupons for Free Creamer for the Party, 16 envelopes with coupons for the guests ... I opened one because i was curious and they have free coupons in them too!!

Here's my skirt purse wearing it's adorable Polka Dot skirt!
And now this is silly but while I was cleaning out my purse to switch over to the new one I was kind of shocked how much crap I had in the old purse! lol Why on earth do I have 10 chapstick/lipgloss'? 2 MP3 Players anyone? Um yeah down at the bottom those are breast pads... how long ago did I stop breast feeding? At least 4 months!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 365 - Day 20

Today Dylan was doing good standing on his own, although in the picture he is holding on. When I set him down he would stand good for 30 seconds or so and then lower himself down to sitting. It was so cute!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day 19

This isn't the perfect picture by any stretch but it's me and my little goof ball and we are both rather goofy so it works! I obviously haven't plucked my eye brows in quite some time and my eyes are closed and Dylan's are squinty but it's sweet all the same I love my little monster!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project 365 - Day 18

We had Thanksgiving take 2 tonight. We always buy 2 turkeys at Thanksgiving time and then save one for latter... latter was today lol. I have 2 photos today because 1 just didn't cut it! Check out the goofy look on Marshelle's face! And yay Papa is home for the week!!
And here is the 2nd. How could I not use this one? He has squash eye brows! How can you say no to that little face?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 365 - Day 17

Dylan was really fussy today about eating and kept not eating what Alex made him. He tried to feed him veggies and cereal for breakfast and he refused to eat that so he had a yogurt instead, wouldn't eat the veggies at lunch either. Finally for dinner he was willing to eat when Daddy made him some eggs. Instead of breaking it up he gave him a big piece that he could hold in his hand and he was a big fan of that! Mommy thought he should have been sitting in his high chair!

Shopping with Dylan!

So I only baby sat till 3 today so the boys decided to go roller skating. When I dropped them off I decided to go shopping with Dylan. Who happened to fall asleep sitting straight up in the cart at target. It was really funny!

Rite Aid
2 Old Spice Deodorants $3.97 each
2 Old Spice Hair/Body Wash $3.97 each
2 $1/1 Deodorant Coupons
2 Buy one Deodorant get one Body Wash Free coupons

2 Sinex $4.97
2 $4/1 Coupons

1 Dayquil $4.97
$1/1 Coupon

Total: $12.62
Saved: $11.74
Earned $10
(I wanted to use my $5/$25 coupon I had in my wellness account and they wouldn't let me :( oh well)

Price Chopper:
2 Oikos Greek Yogurt $1.25 each
$.50/2 Coupon (doubled to $1)

20 Yoplait Yogurts $8
$1/10 Coupon
$.50/4 Coupon (doubled to $1)
$.40/6 Coupon (doubled to $.80)
Earned $2

2 Avocado's $1 each

2 Adam and Eve Apple Juice $2.50 each
$1/2 Coupon
Used trippler Coupon
$1 each!

2 Gorton's Fish Sticks $3.67
2 $1/1 Coupon
Used trippler coupon for one.

1 Dozen Eggs $1.59
(forgot to put in the picture woops)

4 Special K $3 each
Pop Tarts $2
$5/5 Kelloggs in ad coupon
2 BOGO Special K Coupon
($.60 each for Special K and Pop Tarts!)

Boxed Kanish Mix $3.19
(this was in the bag with the eggs lol)

Yo Baby Complete Meals
(These were $3 and some odd cents I just noticed that he didn't scan them)
He did scan my coupon for it tho plus the coupons that were on it so I guess I had a good overage on them lol.
$.50/1 Coupon (doubled)
2 $.75 off store coupons (for being close to the expiration date)

Bag Credit $.06
Paid: $19.32
Saved: $38.30
(more if you consider my free yogurt lol)
Earned: $2


7 Veggie Patch Products (Meat Balls, Veggie Dogs, and Corn Dogs) $3.34 each
7 Free Coupons
(this was done in 2 transactions my husband did 3 and I did 4)

Spout Guard $4.00
(we can't seem to find one that will accommodate having the pull thing on the spout for the shower... so we bought this one thinking we can drill a hole in it for the stopper ... i'm not sure if it will work but it's worth a try!)

Baby Mum Mum's $2 and change
(my receipt didn't print I used a gift card to pay and it broke the poor cashier's register... kinda felt bad lol)

Paid: $7 (thats my guess with tax since I have no receipt lol)
Saved: $23.38!!

Man I love all these clearance deals!

Hooded Towels $3
Baby Sweat Pants $1.98
3 Pairs of Baby Pj's for my niece $1.74 each
2 piece outfit for my niece $3.24

4 Kikoman Soy Sauce $1.42 each
2 BOGO Coupons
2 $1/1 Coupons
($.21 each!!!)

Jamba Smoothie $2.29
(I had a $1/1 Coupon but it didn't get scanned ... oh well I got free yogurt at Price Chopper to make up for it lol)

Yo Baby Yogurt $2.29
$1/1 Target Coupon
$.50/1 Coupon

Total: $18.02
Saved: $6.79
That only shows my coupon savings and the mark down on the Jamba Smoothie not the clearance savings.

Taking a Breather and Punch Drunk Love

Taking A Breather
A few of my ct girls got really concerned when they saw the name of my new collection! They thought I was "Taking a Breather". No not the case but this collection is so versatile and good for any kid of page it's like a breath of fresh air! You can grab the whole collection for just $5 this week only!

Punch Drunk Love
It's time for a new Duo-licious collab! I showed Mel this color swatch that I was planing on working with and she was like Oh I just have to collab with you on that! And I think the results are simply amazing! You can grab the whole Collection this week only for just $5!

Freebie Time!!
Check out this beautiful freebie from my CT!
(image is linked to download)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365 - Day 16

Evidently Alex needs to suck on a binky while he watches foot ball! Need I say more?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project 365 - Day 15

Who needs pants? These are just a toy right?

Shopping Shopping and more shopping!

We were out for 3 1/2 hrs tonight!! By the end Gavin was sitting on the floor at Walmart while I was looking at stuff lol. He made the mistake of wearing his new sneakers out!
Old Navy:
I had a $10 reward coupon and I had heard about the extra 40% off clearance so I had to go check it out since Gavin has grown another size! They had awesome deals!
He got all this 3 long sleeved t-shirts, 1 long sleeved button up shirt and pair of skinny jeans for $6.40!!! We went to Kohl's this morning and he got 3 long sleeved t-shirts 2 button ups and 2 hoodies for $55 (saved $137) and I thought that was a good deal! But it really palled in comparison to Old Navy's deals!

Bath and Body Works:
Gavin and I each had a coupon for a free travel sized item with any purchase.
He got the Twilight Woods for Men Body wash for 75% off just $1.25 and the lime coconut body wash free (these are for him). I got The hand soap for 50% off just $2.50 and the lime coconut spray free!

First I must say the deals in the clearance section in the Garden center were AWFUL! Half of the stuff back there wasn't marked down at all Shame on You Walmart!! I did find the Toy Story Shirt back there tho so 1 good deal.

Toy Story Shirt (for Dylan) $1
2 Veggie Patch Broccoli Bites $3.34 each
2 Free Coupons
Veggie Patch Corn Dogs $3.34
Free Coupon
Great Value Frozen Chicken Breast 2.5lbs $5.98
Saved: $10.02
(not including the savings on the shirt I'm not sure what the original price was)

The D batteries were in exchange for my C's I got at the beginning of the week.
Necco Conversation Hearts $.69
(not in the picture because Gavin ate them in the car lol)

3 AA Battery 4 Packs $5.49 each
3 $1/1 Coupons
In Ad Coupon took off $7.50

EOS Sweet Mint Gloss $2.99
Earned $2
(I think I have every flavor now lol)

I had $4 in Reg Rewards from Sunday
Paid: $6.42
Saved: $15
Earned: $2

Price Chopper:
The jerk's at Price Chopper wouldn't take my milk coupon but whatever their loss I used it at Target and their White Milk was cheaper. I evidently didn't notice that the YO Kids Yogurt had 2 $1 off tags on it! Darn I could have used that!

Yo Kids Yogurt 6 pack $3.49
$1 off coupon on the package
(it has 5 days b4 the expiration date I'm sure Gavin will have these gone LONG before then!)

Yo Baby Yogurt 4 pack $3.19
$1 off Coupon on the package
(again 5 days before the expiration date)

Butter $2.19

2 Green Giant Rice Pilaf $1 each
2 $.50/1 coupons
(doubled to $1 so these were free)

2 Red Bell Peppers $2.39

2 Whole Grand Cheerio's $2.50 each
2 $.75/1 Coupons
(doubled to $1 ... not a good deal Alex wanted them though)

Total: $11.62
Saved: $8.40

J&J Baby Q Tips $1.39
$1/1 Coupon

Baby Mum Mums $2.34
(we go through these things like crazy I should have grabbed a few)

2 Bakers Muffin Tins $1.16 each
(On Clearance)

2 Alexia Sweet Potato Fries $1.98
2 $1/1 Coupons
(can't get enough of these Gavin and I just polished off the last of what we had the other night!)

1 Gallon Skim Milk $2.14
1/2 Gallon Over The Moon Chocolate Milk $3.24
Coupon: Buy 1 Gallon White Milk get 1/2 Gallon Chocolate Milk Free! (Any Brand)

Cottage Cheese $2.49
(I couldn't find the Fiber 1 brand anywhere that I had a coupon for and this was a decent price)

2 Soft Soap Hand Pumps $1 each
$1/2 Coupon
$1/2 Target Coupon
(2 for FREE!!)

2 J&J First Aid To Go Kit $.97 each
$1.50/2 Coupon

2 Market Pantry Cheese $2.39 each
$1/2 Coupon
(not the best deal but I've been craving cheese lol)

-$.10 for using 2 reusable bags

Total: $16.13
Saved $12.10

I was surprised they had any Christmas stuff left but what they had was 75% off so of course I had to get some wrapping paper for $.75 since I almost ran out while wrapping this year!

5 60 ft Rolls of Wrapping Paper $.75 each

Dove Dark Chocolate $.89
$.50/1 Coupon from the Magic Red Machine

2 Excedrin Extra Strength $5.49 each
2 Free Coupons

Shick Hydro 5 Razor $9.99
Free Coupon
(CVS sent this to me in the mail at random I was pretty excited!)

I used $2 in ECB"s I had from before.

Total: $3.22
Saved: $34.67!