Monday, January 17, 2011

Shopping with Dylan!

So I only baby sat till 3 today so the boys decided to go roller skating. When I dropped them off I decided to go shopping with Dylan. Who happened to fall asleep sitting straight up in the cart at target. It was really funny!

Rite Aid
2 Old Spice Deodorants $3.97 each
2 Old Spice Hair/Body Wash $3.97 each
2 $1/1 Deodorant Coupons
2 Buy one Deodorant get one Body Wash Free coupons

2 Sinex $4.97
2 $4/1 Coupons

1 Dayquil $4.97
$1/1 Coupon

Total: $12.62
Saved: $11.74
Earned $10
(I wanted to use my $5/$25 coupon I had in my wellness account and they wouldn't let me :( oh well)

Price Chopper:
2 Oikos Greek Yogurt $1.25 each
$.50/2 Coupon (doubled to $1)

20 Yoplait Yogurts $8
$1/10 Coupon
$.50/4 Coupon (doubled to $1)
$.40/6 Coupon (doubled to $.80)
Earned $2

2 Avocado's $1 each

2 Adam and Eve Apple Juice $2.50 each
$1/2 Coupon
Used trippler Coupon
$1 each!

2 Gorton's Fish Sticks $3.67
2 $1/1 Coupon
Used trippler coupon for one.

1 Dozen Eggs $1.59
(forgot to put in the picture woops)

4 Special K $3 each
Pop Tarts $2
$5/5 Kelloggs in ad coupon
2 BOGO Special K Coupon
($.60 each for Special K and Pop Tarts!)

Boxed Kanish Mix $3.19
(this was in the bag with the eggs lol)

Yo Baby Complete Meals
(These were $3 and some odd cents I just noticed that he didn't scan them)
He did scan my coupon for it tho plus the coupons that were on it so I guess I had a good overage on them lol.
$.50/1 Coupon (doubled)
2 $.75 off store coupons (for being close to the expiration date)

Bag Credit $.06
Paid: $19.32
Saved: $38.30
(more if you consider my free yogurt lol)
Earned: $2


7 Veggie Patch Products (Meat Balls, Veggie Dogs, and Corn Dogs) $3.34 each
7 Free Coupons
(this was done in 2 transactions my husband did 3 and I did 4)

Spout Guard $4.00
(we can't seem to find one that will accommodate having the pull thing on the spout for the shower... so we bought this one thinking we can drill a hole in it for the stopper ... i'm not sure if it will work but it's worth a try!)

Baby Mum Mum's $2 and change
(my receipt didn't print I used a gift card to pay and it broke the poor cashier's register... kinda felt bad lol)

Paid: $7 (thats my guess with tax since I have no receipt lol)
Saved: $23.38!!

Man I love all these clearance deals!

Hooded Towels $3
Baby Sweat Pants $1.98
3 Pairs of Baby Pj's for my niece $1.74 each
2 piece outfit for my niece $3.24

4 Kikoman Soy Sauce $1.42 each
2 BOGO Coupons
2 $1/1 Coupons
($.21 each!!!)

Jamba Smoothie $2.29
(I had a $1/1 Coupon but it didn't get scanned ... oh well I got free yogurt at Price Chopper to make up for it lol)

Yo Baby Yogurt $2.29
$1/1 Target Coupon
$.50/1 Coupon

Total: $18.02
Saved: $6.79
That only shows my coupon savings and the mark down on the Jamba Smoothie not the clearance savings.

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