Friday, January 21, 2011

What a day for freebies in the mail!

I went out to grab the mail and the fed ex guy pulled up with my 31 skirt purse! And then latter the UPS guy showed up with my Coffee Mate Party Box!!

I got the game Party for the Coffee Mate Party! Here's what I got Cranium, a Poker Kit, a bunch of instant coffee packs, a bunch of powder creamer packs, 2 Coupons for Free Creamer for the Party, 16 envelopes with coupons for the guests ... I opened one because i was curious and they have free coupons in them too!!

Here's my skirt purse wearing it's adorable Polka Dot skirt!
And now this is silly but while I was cleaning out my purse to switch over to the new one I was kind of shocked how much crap I had in the old purse! lol Why on earth do I have 10 chapstick/lipgloss'? 2 MP3 Players anyone? Um yeah down at the bottom those are breast pads... how long ago did I stop breast feeding? At least 4 months!!

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