Sunday, January 9, 2011

Project 365 - Day 9

We needed a solution for the toy clutter all over the dining room/living room. We didn't really have any place to put the toys away. Alex had been using a cardboard box to put the toys in. However that wasn't convenient for the kids to get toys in and out of. So I saw this cute shelf in the Target ad this morning for $40 and Dylan had some Christmas money to spend. We went today to get it and I was sad because I couldn't find one in their usual spot. We wandered around the store more and I found 1 more in another spot! I was so excited! So here is Dylan with his new toy shelves!

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Trish H. said...

He is soo cute!! and dont you just love those toy bins? we got one for the kids last year and it helps sooo much!