Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project 365 Day 1

So I've never attempted project 365 before but I'm going to try this year! I really hope I can keep up I think it will make for a nice album at the end of the year! So today is day one and I waited till 9:30 pm to take my picture! Kind of lame of me but oh well! This is what I see all the time Dylan peeking over the gate from the dining room/play room to the kitchen. He was hungry and fussing at me tonight but I actually got him to smile! And yes there are toys all over no I wasn't going to try to edit them out because that is what my life is like a big giant mess of toys and I think that Project 365 is all about showing your everyday life, the good and the messy lol!

1 comment:

Twila said...

you got your pictures earlier than I did...I didn't get mine until everybody was crashed, well after midnight, LOL