Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturdays with Jen: 1+1=3

Hi there. Have you had a great week? Hope so! My fiance is out of town so I've had some serious scrap time (replacing, of course, serious cleaning time - who wants to do that, right?!). Today I've got a really fun 1+1=3 for you. It's one of my favorites yet. If you aren't familiar with how this works, I take one kit plus one kit, mix them up to create a new, different kit, and voila - 3 kits to work with! This week I've chosen two collabs from Dani and collab partner A+Designs (collab = Duolicious). You can find each kit at Scrabookbytes and Gotta Pixel by clicking on the image.

For the first kit, I chose the beautiful For Whimsy's Sake. I'm not sure I'd actually seen this one before, and immediately loved it. It is so pretty!

While Whimsy is a lovely girly kit, the second kit I chose is all boy! This one is Denim Blues.

Alright, are you ready to see what I came up with? I'm pretty happy with this one (patting self on back - ok, ok, patting Dani on back - she's the one who designed these beauties after all)!

And, here's a LO I made with it

Hope you like it! Now, it's your turn. Go ahead, give it a try. It's really fun! Until next time...

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