Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Target and CVS

Marshelle wanted to go to Old Navy tonight so I made her go to Target and CVS with me. I did get some sweat pants for me and a pair of snow pants for gavin at Old Navy for $16 total! Here's the rest of my bargains! I saved 90% between the 2 stores! So excited!
4 Power Aid 20 oz bottles $1
2 BOGO Coupons
Earned $1

3 Coke 2L Bottles $.88 each

2 Photobooks BOGO
($19.99 for the 2)
BOGO Coupon
(2 Books for FREE!!!)

Excedrine Extra Strength $4.79
Free Coupon

Total: $5.57
(with tax and bottle deposit)
Saved: $53.26
Earned: $1

4 Similac Soy $5.49 each
4 $5/1 Coupons

Pacifiers (clearance)$2.93
$1/1 Coupon on the package

3 Tide travel size laundry detergent $.97 each
3 $1/1 Coupons

2 Market Pantry Chicken Sandwiches $1.99 each
$3/2 Coupon
(not pictured I actually forgot these at the store and had to go back to get them.. ugh .. it was okay tho because i needed some baby pain meds for a little boy with teeth that keep bugging him!)

2 Jergens Travel Size Lotions $.97 each
2 $1/1 Coupons

2 Up and Up Panty Liners $.87 each
2 $.75/1 Coupons
(not pictured because I gave them away I actually got another pack when I went back for my missing bag because i got another $.75/1 coupon when i was checking out.)

Total: $3.36
Saved: $34.50

I did spend like $4 something on the silly baby pain relievers when i went back and was pretty disappointed because it was more than my 1st purchase lol.

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