Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday Night Shopping

Gavin and I always seem to go out shopping on Friday nights for a few little things. And we always seem to have issues finding what we want. We went to Rite Aid and bought nothing. We then went to target to get the Athenos Greek Yogurt for our "House Party" (I have 16 coupons for free yogurt) and they old had 2! We did get a couple things at Wallgreens and Bath and Body Works.
Bath and Body Works:
Hand Sanitizer Free with Coupon
Holder $.54
That one is mine Gavin got a set as well his holder glows in the dark.

Fabreeze Green Tea Luminary Kit $11.24
$5/1 Coupon
(earn $2)

Fabreeze Luminary Refills (2 pack) $4.99
Free when you buy kit coupon

2 Candies $.29 each
(filler items so I could use my Reg Rewards)

Total: $6.16
Saved: $16.16
Earned: $2

And I leave you with a picture of my little boy who's getting way too big!

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