Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet Talia

In this edition of Meet the CT member I'm introducing you to Talia my Head CT. She makes sure everything runs smoothly with my creative team and she makes all of my beautiful ads, as well as the pretties to jazz up this post! The above picture is Talia and her beautiful little girl Inara.

1. When did you start digital scrapbooking?
I officially started digital scrapping in April 2009. I had been interested in scrapping since about February of 2009 but kept giving up until a friend walked me through the process of making a pretty layout. I've been scrapping ever since!

2. What inspired you to start?
I saw a friend's album of digital scrapbook pages on Facebook and really wanted to do something like that for my new little daughter. I've always been big into writing everything down and taking lots of pictures so this was perfect for me to combine the two for her.

3. What is your favorite subject to scrap about?
That would be my little girl, Inara. I love scrapping about the cute thing she did at the park or the goofy thing she said while driving to the store. It's mostly the little things that I'm scared I'll forget if I don't put onto "paper".

4. How would you describe your scrapping style?
I'm not sure I have just one style. Sometimes I really like to cluster and layer papers like it's going out of style. Other times I love a clean, simple page. Regardless of the style of page I'm working on, though, you'll usually find some journaling. Maybe that's my style: journaling!

5. When and where do you usually do your scrapping?
I usually scrap either during my daughter's nap time or after she's gone to bed. Thursday nights are especially set aside to scrap. I always scrap at the desk in our office since we only have a desktop.

6. What do you have to have while your scrapping? Snacks? Music?
I almost always have a cup of coffee sitting on my desk while I scrap. If my husband is home and I can sweet talk him, I'll have a bowl of popcorn too. Music really helps to keep my focused, so I usually have Ingrid Michaelson or Jason Mraz playing in the background. Sometimes I'll play something from Netflix in the background just for noise.

7. What do enjoy most about scrapping? What's the most challenging part for you?
My favorite part is seeing a kit & instantly thinking of a photo & story that goes with it. When that happens, my pages just fly together quickly and easily. I usually look back over the page again and again for the first few days after I make it. The most challenging part for me is trusting myself enough to come up with pages on my own. I will often trash a layout because it doesn't look right and then go looking for a template that will make my page better. Gotta work on that confidence thing a bit!

8. What's your favorite layout with a Danimoy Designs kit?

And here is the kit Talia used to make this beautiful layout! It's on sale for just $2 through Monday!

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