Friday, December 10, 2010

Shopping with Dylan

Dylan and I went out shopping this morning to get a few good deals.
First in the mail yesterday came Sesame Street Being Green I got this for free when I bought some Earth's Best Snacks all I had to do was pay $2.90 for shipping. Pretty good for a DVD if you ask me!

Lunchable $1.27
$1/1 Coupon

Stove Top $1
$.50/1 coupon

2 Fage Yogurts $1.25 each
2 $1/1 Coupons

Johnson & Johnson First Aid to Go $.97
$1/1 Coupon

Green Bag Credit: $.05
Paid: $1.19
Saved $5.97

Toys R Us:
UBuild Battleship $7.48
$5/1 Coupon

2 Similac Ready To Feed Soy $4.05 each

Total: $5.18
Saved: $5.98

The cashier was a huge snot to me and told me I couldn't use my Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon with a $1/2 Coupon for the zoo pals plates I wanted. However she didn't void off the $1/2 Coupon so I got a $1 off what I bought anyway.
2 Baby Mum Mums $2.24 each
PJ's (in 2nd picture) $5
Total: $8.68
Saved: $3 (2 was on the Pj's and $1 from the coupon mishap.)

My grandma sent each of the boys $25 for Christmas So I picked up some clothes for Dylan. The PJ's on the right were from my Walmart purchase the rest from Target.
Grey Cord pants $4
Tan Pants $4
Guitar Pj's $5.50
Hawks Tee $3
Total: $16.45

Total for 2 pants 1 shirt and PJ's $21.45 going to look for at least 1 more shirt or pair of pants.

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