Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is our story

Uh oh, am I a day late again?! I know, I know. Apologies. There are a few scrapbooking contests going on out there in digiland that have kept me a bit busy. But, I think you'll be impressed with the 1+1=3 I've come up with today. Lately I've really been into heritage layouts. I got some new-old photos from my mom and I've just loved going through them and putting them into layouts. Something about those B&W/sepia photos that just looks so lovely on a page! So today I put together two kits that make one stunning heritage kit. I hope you'll agree! Plus, I did a layout with the "new" kit to share with you.

The first kit I used for my 1+1=3 was Danimoy's Crush. I've used this one before and it was worth using again. It is so lovely! Here is Crush, which you can find in Dani's shop at Scrapbook Bytes.

Next up, a kit I just acquired and LOVE, read all about it. Is this kit not perfect for heritage layouts? Read all about it can also be found in Dani's shop at SBB.

Now for the fun part. Here is my kit #3 from Crush and Read all about it, plus the layout I made with it. Hope you like it! (Note: for my layout I used a template from CM Decorative Click and Fill)

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