Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturdays (kind of) with Jen: 1+1=3

Eeeek, I'm late! Does it still count as Saturday if it's 3:40am? (seriously, it is). Time got away from me this time and so Saturday with Jen has become late night with Jen, for today anyway. As a result, while I do have a 1+1=3 for you, I've not been able to scrap a page with it just yet. But, it's a lovely combo and I just know I will use it at some point, and I hope you will too!

This week I combined two Dani kits to get a Labor Day kit of red, white, and blue. The first kit I used is Cook With Me. This is a super fun kit, especially if you are working on a digiscrap cookbook. I'm trying to get one done before the holidays, so far some progress, could use a little more and this kit is sure to help! Here's Cook With Me. Find it at SBB.

For the second kit, I used the lovely Crush, also available at SBB.

As always, we take 1 kit + 1 kit and like magic, we have 3 kits to play with! Here's my "new" kit, Labor Day.

Hope you'll join me next week (earlier I hope!!) for a new digicard. Happy Labor Day everyone!

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