Thursday, September 22, 2011

Freebie Font Fun!

I have an admission to make.  I love fonts!  I'm actually somewhat of a font hoarder and I can spend more time than I care to admit searching through my collection to grab the perfect choice for my journaling or title.  I especially love when I can build my font library for FREE!  Today, I wanted to share a couple of cool free font sites and some of the fonts I seem to use over and over.

A few font sites:

And I actually found a couple of fonts on the home page of one of these sites (Font Space) that I grabbed just while I was getting links for this post...

Now, here are a few fonts that I just love and tend to use often!  Now please keep in mind that I could go on and on with this list and I feel like I'm slighting my other fonts by not putting them in this list.  However, I'm trying to keep the post short in the interest of time, space and my desire to keep you awake.   I will also limit the list to free fonts although many I use were not free (but definitely inexpensive).  Also, please note that many of the free fonts can be found in several places... this is just one option.

Baby Boston from Kevin & Amanda
Basic Font from dafont - I use this one a lot to make my own PERSONAL USE alphas for my pages.
Birth of a Hero from 1001 Free Fonts (another great title font)
Blackjack from Font Squirrel
Glider Girls from Kevin and Amanda
Journaling Hand from Typedelic
Pea Jacks and Matty from Fonts for Peas
Scriptina from dafont
the Blue Cabin from Kevin and Amanda
Traveling Typewriter from Urban Fonts

OK, that's all!  I hope you found something you can use for your scrapbook pages and other things.  Just don't spend too much time searching, it can eat up your day, LOL!  And don't forget to check out the terms of use for these fonts.  They are all Personal Use Only, and are tons of fun.

Share with us about your favorite fonts.  We'd love to hear about it.


Johanna said...

Thanks for sharing! This is so fun. I love fonts! :)

Marif said...

TFS! I grabbed a couple!!
I personally use MissTiina fonts a lot too. She has a good selection of free ones and some of my faves are MTF Peach Cobbler and MTF Cupcake (best part is they have international characters which I need to journal in French) ;)

jovita said...

Thanks for sharing!

JenEvang said...

OH, thanks for sharing, Marif... gotta check those out :)