Friday, November 5, 2010

This week's Haul!

I didn't take a picture at the beginning of the week because I was too lazy because I got so much!
But I will give you the highlights!
This pic is from tonight from Price Chopper and Target (mostly target) and don't you love my beautiful orange counter tops? I know your all jealous of those gems!

Price Chopper:
Quaker Chewy Bars $1 w/ in ad coupon
(you can see Gavin busted in to these in the car!)
2 Can's Progresso Beans $1 each
I used 2 $.50/1 Coupons which both doubled! Free Beans!!
Apple/Grape Snacks $1/2 with in ad coupon
Total = $2!
Saved: $5.46

2 Renuzit Air Fresheners $.97
(there were 2 but I gave one to my mom)
I used 2 $1/1 Coupons
Banana Baby Mum Mum's $2.34
(no sale but these are Dylan's fav snack!)
2 Earths Best Smiley Snacks $1.86 each
1 Earth's Best Rice Bar snack $2.29
(These weren't on sale either but with the recipt and upc's and $1.50 I can get Dylan Sesame Street Going Green - Elmo is actually green!!)
2 Olay Travel Beauty Bar $.97
(again there were 2 but I gave one to my Sister lol)
I used 2 $1/1 Coupons! (FREE!!)
Up and Up Panty Liners $.89
(not in the picture because I gave them to my mom)
I used a $.75/1 coupon ($.14!!!)
Stove Top $1/2 each
I used $.50/2 Coupon
TGI Friday's Skillet Meals Buy 2 Get 1 Free $5.99 Each (total 11.98)
I used $4/2 Coupon
Total: $19.79
I used my $5 GC from last week
So I paid 14.79!
Saved 24.95!! (including the gc)
(the cashier was impressed and said she wanted me to go shopping with her from now on and show me how to do that lol)

On Monday I went Crazy! I no longer have my list of what I did but I will tell you what I got and some highlights

Right Aid:
2 Box's of Frosted Mini Wheat's (this was $.90 something after coupons)
Mr Clean Liquid
2 Febreze Air Effects
Fantastik Cleaner
3 Folgers Coffee's (these were like $.99 each!)
2 Tide Stain Release Laundry Detergent
2 Suave Pro Conditioners
Tylenol Adult Liquid
Advil Congestion Relief
5 Soy Joy Bars

I used $6 from last week in +Up Rewards
Paid $27.70
Earned $11 in +Up Rewards!
Saved: $57!!!!!!

Price Chopper:
The receipt didn't print so I only vaguely remember the details!
20 Yoplait Yougurts - $6
Jimmy Dean Sausage - used my tripler coupon
8 Cans of Soup (chunky or progresso or something lol) - used my tripler coupon
Orange Juice - Used my tripler coupon
2 Welche's Grape Juice - used tripler coupons (well i made alex use em lol)
Simply lime aid
2 Can's of progresso beans (free)
3 packages of frozen spinach
1 can of artichokes
1 loaf of bread
I feel like I'm missing stuff but my total was like $30

I did 2 check outs to use my ECB's lol
3 Nissan Chow Mein's $1/each
$1/3 Coupon
1 Bounce Bar $3.99
$1/1 Coupon
Olay Body Wash $7
Secret Deodorant travel size $1.49
I used a $5 off Olay product when you buy 1 Secret Deodorant Coupon.
2 Oral B Power tooth brushes $4.99
2 $3/1 Coupons
I paid $9.26
Earned $7 in ECBS
Saved: $26.29!

They had a deal where you spend $25 on select P&G products and get Toy Story 3 for $3.99
I did this for my mom to give to my nieces for Christmas so most of the stuff wasn't for me lol.

Charmin (a huge pack I don't remember how many rolls!) $9.97 (for Mom)
Bounty 8 roll of paper towels $6.97 (for me... we were all out!)
$1/1 Coupon
Always Pads $5.97 (for mom)
6 Puff's Tissues $.97/each
2 $1/3 Coupons
Toy Story 3 $3.99
I used a $3/15 coupon from the red machine from last week! and my $7 in ECB's!
Mom's total was $21.84 and mine was $.26 and that's with me paying the tax lol (the ecb's and $3/15 coupon went to my stuff since they were mine)!
We saved $45.48!!!

Total spent this week about: $89.17
Total saved not including what I saved the 1st time at Price Chopper:$159.18!!!!
So I saved like 64%!!

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