Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Deals!

I think I actually got all my shopping done in one day this week!! Although if another amazing deal comes up I may still go get it and I do still have to go to the larger Rite Aid because the one I went to is small and only had some of the stuff I wanted.

Rite Aid:
Oh the fiasco! 1st I forgot my +Up Rewards from last week! Then there were issues with the +Up Rewards printing. Evidently the Crest Tooth Pastes and Oral B tooth brushes that are on sale for $2.99 with +Up Rewards of $2.99 only allow you one +Up Rewards. I tried to buy 5 tubes of tooth paste and 3 tooth brushes because I also had $1/1 Coupons for them but then only 1 of the + Up Rewards printed so the manager had me return the others and see if she could get them to print by doing multiple transactions but that didn't work. When she did the refund tho she gave me back the full price $2.99 instead of $1.99 (which is what I payed) so I actually made like $7 cash. This totally wasn't my intention I just wanted the free tooth paste and brushes to make $1 in +Up rewards but oh well. By this point I was totally confused by what was going on.
So here's what I actually did end up bringing home:
2 Boxes Garnier Nutrisse Hair Dye $5.99 each
(yes I will be dieing no it wont be that light lol)
2 $3/1 MF Coupons
$2/1 October VV Coupon
$2/1 November VV Coupon
(So they were $.99 each but it will take me 2 boxes probably to dye my mop of hair)
Garnier Fructis Color Shield Conditioner $7.49
(not pictured this was for my sister not me)
$1/1 MF Coupon
$1/1 VV Coupon
($5.49 for the big bottle we were going to get the smaller one but it would have made the transaction $.02 short to get the $5 +Up Rewards and Marshelle wanted the big one anyways.)
1 Crest Whitening Plus Scope Outlast Tooth Paste $2.99
(not pictured gave it to my mom cause she needed toothpaste lol)
$1/1 Coupon
2 Crest Pro-Health Clinical Gum Protection Toothpaste $3.49
2 $1/1 Coupon

Total should have been $11.95 before tax
but with all the mix up with returns and coupons it was $8.84
Earned: 12.99 in +Up Rewards

I need to go to the big Rite Aid and get the Nivea Men's Active 3 Body Wash for free and check out the Sundown and Natures Bounty Vitamins to see if they have what I need, fingers crossed.

It's hard to say what I saved because of the way the transactions worked out. If I had to make a guess I would say like $17.00.
If I had been able to do what I wanted it would have been $40 and I would have a ton more +Up Rewards (like an extra $20.93 in +Up Rewards when I had Spent $24.88 So I should have made $9.04 on the purchase ... stupid Rite Aid)

Next Was Target:
Cotonelle Fresh Wipes $2.01
Coupon for a free tub
2 Gas X 18 Ct $3.99 each
(not pictured was for mom)
2 $3/1 Target Coupons
2 $1/1 MF Coupons
(2 boxes free!)
2 White Poster Boards $.39 each
(these are for Gavin he is going to make his own board game)
2 Curel Ultra Healing Lotions $3.69 each
2 $1/1 MF Coupons
2 $1/1 Target Coupons
elf Tweezers $1
(good thing I waited for these I was going to buy them on line and then I would have had to pay shipping!)
Total: $5.23
Earned a $5 GC for purchasing 2 Curel Lotions!
Saved: $19.24!

Wallgreens I take back everything mean I ever said about you! Tonight was amazing! I truly appreciate your awesome deals and the super nice people who helped us!
So here it is:
Huggies Wipes 184 ct $5.99
$1.50/1 Coupon
Arizona Watermellon Juice $.99
$.49/1 Coupon in store that I didn't even know about!!
But the awesome cashier told me!
Simply OJ $1.79
$1/1 Coupon
$.50/1 Wags Coupon
Degree 2/$5
2 $1/1 Coupons
2 Reach Floss $.99 with in ad Coupon
2 $1/1 Coupons
(gave one to mom and dad)
4 Reach Tooth Brushes $.99 with in ad Coupon
4 $1/1 Coupons
(gave one to dad)
(now the tooth brushes and floss had a 3 per customer limit so I made Marshelle get 3 for me lol)
2 Shick Xtreme3 4 pack of Razors $5.99
2 $3/1 Coupons
Vitamin Water $1.49
(this was Gavin's splurge that he drank down the whole thing and then had to pee at dirty Price Chopper!)
Total: $15.72 (before tax)
Earned: $5 in register Rewards
Saved $22.47

Last Stop was Price Chopper where I think I actually did pretty good this week. Normally I feel the grocery store is my downfall.
2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta $1.25 each
$1/2 Coupon
2 Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta's $1. each
$1/2 Coupon
2 Ronzoni Garden Delight $1.67 each
$1/1 Coupon
$.75/1 Coupon (doubled to $1/1)
Kikoman Teriyaki Sauce $1.71
$1/1 Coupon
4 Yoplait Yogurt $.50 each
$.50/4 Coupon (doubled to $1/4)
4 Campbell's Chunky Soup 2/$3
2 $.50/1 Coupons (double to $1/1)
$.50/2 Coupon (double to $1/2
$1/2 Price Chopper Coupon
10 Swanson Canned Broth's BOGO ($1.19/2)
2 $.50/5 coupons (doubled to $1/5)
4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks BOGO ($2.99/2)
$1/3 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Green Giant Baby Cut Carrots $.48 with PC Online Coupon
Sour Cream $2.29
$.50/1 Coupon (doubled to $1/1)
Coy Joe Tortilla's $1.69
Total: $20.18
Saved: $34.50
And I bumped myself up to $.20 off gas!

Total Spent $49.97
Total Saved $93.21
Total Earned: $22.99 (to spend latter!)
(plus I still have my $11 in +up rewards from last week!)

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