Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet the Designer!

So I've decided to have a series of posts so that you could "meet" all of my CT members. So I figured while I was at it I should probably do one of these posts for myself to kick it all off!
I decided in my photo to introduce you to my whole family! That's myself, my husband Alex, and our two boys Gavin (7 yrs old) and Dylan (7 months old) at the Pumpkin Farm in October!

And now for the interview:

1. When did you start digital scrapbooking?
December 2007 I made my first scrapbook page and I started downloading 5 million freebies so much that by July '08 my hard drive on my laptop was so full that Alex went out and bought me an external hard drive. Once I had that hard drive I started scrapping full force and never looked back!

2. What inspired you to start?
I have been paper scrapping since I was in high school my mom and I were actually Creative Memories Consultants (together) when I was a Junior in high school. It just came naturally to me with a young child that I needed a way to scrap but not make such a huge mess!

3. What is your favorite subject to scrap about?
I love to scrap about my 2 boys! They are my pride and joy!

4. How would you describe your scrapping style?
Cluster junkie! Is that a style? I love to cluster so much that sometimes I have issues stopping myself and then my page looks like a bunch of elements threw up all over it! Then I go back and reign it in a bit!

5. When and where do you usually do your scrapping?
I had been getting really bad about setting aside time to scrap and not just design. So Talia (my head ct ... you will "meet" her next!) told me that if I set aside 1 night a week to scrap that she would scrap and chat with me. It's like our own little crop lol. So every Thursday night I scrap. Usually I'm on the couch in our living room as I have a laptop and can scrap wherever I want!

6. What do you have to have while your scrapping? Snacks? Music?
I need some sort of drink while I'm scrapping usually a coke or a pepsi!

7. What do enjoy most about scrapping? What's the most challenging part for you?
I love that when I find an awesome kit I can use it over and over again. I also love that I can capture all of my families memories with the photos that we take. The most challenging part for me is sometimes I struggle with journaling and trying to hard not to make my journaling sound cheesey lol. Talia would tell you that I also struggle with getting myself on tot those scrapbook pages!

8. What's your favorite layout with a Danimoy Designs kit?
My Current favorite is "Fall" which was made with Happy Fallday a Duo-licious (A+ Designs and danimoy designs) Collab

Here's the whole kit if you've missed it! And it is currently on sale for just $2! So head on over and snag this little beauty up!
(image linked to store)

So stay tuned latter this week to Meet Talia my Head CT and in the coming weeks to meet the rest of my awesome Creative Team!

Also just a teaser I'm going to be a Guest Designer in December so stay tuned tomorrow to find out where?!?

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