Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tip of the Week - iPhoneography

It's Jen and I have to admit it... I have joined the iPhone revolution.  Actually, in my home, we have been all Apple for several years (but not the snobby kind of "all apple" folks, LOL).  With the notable exception of our phones, primarily due to the sorry coverage AT&T has in our area.  Since that is no longer an obstacle, I moved effortlessly from Droid to iPhone this fall.

This has now prompted a serious interest in what is called iPhoneography!  Yep, I can be creative photographically without my dslr *blasphamy*, hehe.

And of course, I will transfer these images into works of Scrap!  What else would I do with them?

All this is to say that I ran across several web stories, blogs, tutorials on this topic and want to share one article with you from  It actually outlines 10 websites that are inspiring for mobile phone photography (not just the iPhone).

Check it out HERE.

Then, shoot some cool pics and scrap them!  Check out Danimoy's Store and gallery for some inspiration!

And we'd love to see what you create!

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