Friday, March 4, 2011

Project 365 now Project 52

I started off the year strong with 365 thinking that I could do it! It's not that hard I should be able to take at least 1 little picture each day. No problem ..... Man was I ever wrong! I fell in to trouble when I got sick last week and then Dylan got sick right after. Who wants to bother with taking a picture when they are sick? Not I. Who wants to bother taking a picture when they have a sick baby on their lap all day? Again Not I!

So I missed 3 days and quit. Now I didn't full out quit I still liked the idea of having an album with pictures from the year and some journaling. At the beginning of the year I saw the way Lena was going to do her albums and I thought huh I should have just done that but decided it was too late i was already 2 weeks in. Now that we are on our 9th week I decided it was okay to go back and convert to something similar in style to what Lena is doing.

I scrap lifted her page because I really like the way she has them all the same. For credit's here's what I'm using Natural Papers by danimoy designs and Oopsie Doodle Borders by SuzyQ Scraps Fonts: Pea Danielle Renee, Pass the Chex, and For the One Hundredth Time.

Gavin will always be at the top left, the bottom left will be a special picture just something extra, the top right will be journaling about our week and the bottom right will be a picture of Dylan.

I think this book will be a fun way to see how the boys change in a years time and having their picture in the same spot of the book every week will help to highlight that.

I made a tab at the top for my Project 52 layouts so you can click up there to check em out :)

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