Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tip of the Week... DSD Tip!

It's almost time for Digital Scrapbooking Day!  WOOT!  It's an exciting time around digi-land and you will want to be ready for it.  My Tip for this week is to look carefully and really evaluate the product you "can't live without" before you buy or download it.   We can all be swept away in the sea of freebies and sales.  Some of that is really, really good and fun, but some will just leave you with buyer's remorse or a full hard drive, LOL.
So... take some time a few days before the big weekend (like now) and visit the stores you love the most.  Fill you wish lists, then try to stay true to that this weekend.  Also, follow along with all of the fun Blog Trains you will see, but don't download every single piece if you know you will never use it!  And the stuff you do download, get it all organized into folders and "put away" as you go if possible.  If you find the downloading process really slow, consider downloading your items after Sunday when the servers are less busy.  Don't forget them, though, as most stores only give you a few days to download your goodies!

As far as Danimoy Designs goes, you know you will want to visit her stores, right?  Well, head over there now, browse through all of her great products and put your faves in your wish lists.  Then on DSD Weekend, you will be ready to shop... stress free!

Enjoy the great weekend and happy scrapping!

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