Saturday, October 8, 2011

Digicards with Jen: They say it's your birthday

It's time for another digicard! And I think this one is super fun! Last week, we celebrated my dog Sophie's first birthday (yup, I said my dog). My dear sweet fiance made her a cake fit for a queen (doggie queen that is). He layered a turkey patty on top of a beef patty, with peanut butter and bacon in between, and frosted the whole thing with a peanut butter-bacon mix. He even wrote Happy Birthday Sophie on top with bacon flavored doggie cheez whiz (yes, that's a real thing). It was adorable! Sophie thought it was pretty awesome too. She gobbled it right up. In celebration of Sophie's birthday, I decided to make a birthday digicard this week. I used Dani's kit Cuppycake, which you can find in her store at SBB. Hope you like it!

Page 4-1

Page 2-3

And here is Cuppycake. Be sure to check out the whole bundle - it includes paint splats and templates too!

1 comment:

Marif said...

Such a cute card!!
What I'd really like to see are pics of that awesome sounding doggie cake!!